I would click on this link if I were you (mit gemüse/ with sound or green beans) : REBOOT

These days, I hear, you can reboot for free. Ja. vrij, free, frei, libre, et al.

Go back home, dude, and reboot. your mind. your girlfriend. your sandwich. your dog. yeah, well, you got it. REBOOT YOUR FUCKING LIFE.

After coming back from Kopenhavn through Berlin, I arrived in GVA. Let me tell you, my life here needed some major reboot.

1st: my boyfriend had been partying his ass off for 3 days in a row.

2nd: my flat was 32 degrees (yeah celsisus) hot.

3rd: nothing.

4th: remind me never to fly low cost, ever again. punkto. schlusso.

Anyways, you reach an -old- age in your life where « rebooting » makes sense.

1st. : you decide to change the world with the Web.

2nd: stay in bed, coz it’s raining in CPH and, after all, since it’s day light up until 23h why wake up in the morning. ya, why?

3rd: you’ve become an old fart. (enough said).

4th: There’s ALWAYS (yeah, I mean it) a time in life, where you need to wake up (get out of bed) and face what you have to…


where are my people….?? PEOPLE: GET TO WORK. HAHAAhha

Yeah, well, there’s always a time when it’s time…..to have 8 kids and make them work for you, that’s the human reboot DNA.

punkto schlusso. no politiko corekto.