Dear Ms GHDLD,

It was very nice and useless meeting you this morning. I wish I had stayed in bed to recover from the 3-day party I had last weekend.

The position we discussed is very boring and if you were correctly trained as a HR professional, you would have known better and saved my time.

In addition, your website sucks. As Web Consultant I would like to draw your attention to the fact that a « News » section should display information a bit older then 2009, as we are in 2010. This advice will cost you 180.- CHF, as to answer your stupid question regarding my salary expectations, that’s what I charge my costumers per hour. And yes, Ms GHDLD it took me an hour to find the news section on your so-called website. I pity your « communication » company.

Please feel free to offer me a Web Director position in the future, when you’ll understand what’s happening in the real world. Besides, the coffee at the shitty boombafuck place where we met, was not good. I am now all hyper and very angry at my Mac Book Pro.

Kind Regards,